**Due to the nature of this class, no refunds will be given. Please read the description before purchasing. Thank you!**


This is a pre-recorded class on Facebook Live . The Live video will remain in the group after the class to be watched at your convenience.


Upon purchase, you will receive an invoice. Please make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly! Click on "Telecharger" to download a pdf document with the link to the Facebook group.


This class will cover everything you need to know in order to master Royal Icing consistencies. No physical products will be provided. You will have to source your own materials:


- Egg whites (dry or liquid), OR meringue powder

- Powder sugar (confectioners sugar)

- Lemon juice

- Your flavoring of choice

- Cream of tartar (optional)

- Water

- Gel food colors (optional)

- Piping bags (tipless or with tips and couplers)

- Baked cookies in any shape, OR parchment paper to practice

- Mixer (stand or hand mixer is ok), mixing bowl, spatula, one tall glass or tumbler, bag clips or rubber bands

- Spray bottle filled with water (optional but nice to have)


During this class, I will make royal icing from scratch using dehydrated egg whites, and I will explain the slight differences when using other products such as meringue powder and liquid egg whites. We will work on recognizing 4 main icing consistencies on the bowl, learn how to tint and bag icing, and recognize how the different icing consistencies should look like on the cookie. I will teach you how to identify incorrect icing consistencies and how to fix them. We will do some basic piping practice and discuss topics such as over mixing, humidity, drying times, packaging and storage.


All my classes are bilingual English/Spanish. 


Royal Icing 101 - Online Class

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